Cemetery Division

Forest HillThe Cemetery Division, within the Department of Public Works, is responsible for the daily operation of the public burial grounds in the City of Fitchburg. This includes interments, grounds maintenance and facility maintenance. The Cemetery Division is supervised by the Superintendent of Cemeteries, who is responsible for requests for interment, lot sales, genealogical inquiries and marker installation. The Cemetery Division is overseen by the Trustees of Public Burial Grounds.


The City offers a wide range of options for interment, including family lots and cremation niches. Additionally, we offer presentation packages that can include tents and chairs. Please see our Cemetery price list for associated costs for provided services. Please click here to obtain the required documents for interment.


The City offers a variety of memorial options, including Memorial Trees and Plaques, Memorial Bricks, Memorial Benches and the Adopt a Veteran program. Please visit our Memorialization Options page for more details.


If you are interested in additional Genealogical Research, please submit this online form to the Fitchburg Cemetery Department and we will provide you with any available information to assist you in your genealogical research.


Cemetery Rules and Regulations