Rubbish & Recycling

The City of Fitchburg provides curbside rubbish and recycling for single family and multi-family dwellings up to 8 units.

The carts available for rubbish and recycling collection are:
  Rubbish Recycling
35 gallon
64 gallon
96 gallon
One set per household is delivered free of charge.  Additional carts can be requested to the Health Department as well as replacement carts if one is damaged or stolen. Additional rubbish carts can be leased from the city for an annual fee of $100.  Additional recycling carts can be obtained for a one-time fee of $60.  Replacement carts can be requested for a one-time $60 fee.  You can pay for your additional or replacement carts online or at the Health Department at City Hall.

Please click here to order your carts online.

​Trash & Recycling Calendar

The Trash and Recycling calendar is now in electronic form on this page. Just enter your address below to obtain your collection schedule.  There will be an option to download and print your collection calendar.  You can also download it as an app on your smartphone or tablet by going to your app store and searching for the Fitchburg Trash & Recycling Tool.  To sign up to receive notifications such as a collection day reminder or receive information such as special collections or collection delays!  No smart phone required, if you sign up online, to receive notifications.  Enter your address below and sign up now!

​Waste Wizard

Not sure on how to dispose of an item?  In the tool below is a Waste Wizard tab that allows you to research how to dispose off or recycle most items.  Just type in what you want to dispose of to find out how to dispose of it.   The Waste Wizard is also included in the smartphone app.

Items That Don't Fit in Carts

The Waste Wizard in the Fitchburg Trash & Recycling Tool above allows you to research options to dispose of items that don't fit or shouldn't belong in your cart.  We recommend it as your first source of information.

Items that don't fit in the rubbish cart such as household furniture, mattresses and box springs, couches, chairs, rugs are considered Bulk items.  Please do not put these at the curb unless they have been scheduled for pick up with the Health Department.  You can scheduled a pick up by the City for a $15 per item fee.  Bulk Items can also be brought to the landfill with a free recycling permit.  To obtain one, simply request one at the Health Department counter at City Hall.  A proof of residency will be required.

Please note that televisions, computer monitors, cathode ray tubes, asphalt, pavement, bricks, metals, lead acid batteries, white goods (large appliances and tires are not considered Bulk Items they are Waste Bans.  Waste Ban material must brought to a recycling facility and disposal options are available by clicking the link below.  Please do not put these at the curb!  

Recycling Options for Items That Don't Belong in Your Recycling Cart

MassDEP is hosting on their website a directory on where to recycle practically everything.  It's called Beyond the Recycle Bin.  Click the link to access the directory.