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  1. Basic Reference Sources

    Access helpful links and sources for basic reference.

  2. Career Resources

    Access helpful career resources.

  3. Companies

    Find resources regarding companies and investors.

  4. Consumer Information

    Obtain consumer information through links and online resources.

  5. Ecology & Environment

    Access ecology and environment.

  6. Education

    Discover education resources presented by the Fitchburg Public Library.

  7. Genealogy

    Use our helpful genealogy resources.

  8. Geography

    Discover links and other geography related resources.

  9. Government

    Access helpful government resources.

  1. Health

    Find helpful health related links.

  2. Homework Help

    Use the following links and resources to help you with your homework, either in elementary school or high school.

  3. Legal Information

    Obtain legal information though helpful links.

  4. Leisure

    Access links regarding movies, music, theatre, and more.

  5. Newspapers

    Access information about newspapers and newspaper related sources.

  6. Phone Books

    Find resource directories and other databases.

  7. Travel

    Discover helpful travel resources.

  8. Weather

    Find resources regarding weather and weather services.