1. Fitchburg History

    Enrich your mind with the history of Fitchburg, which is closely connected to the Nashua River.

    1. A History of the Waymothe Lathe Company

      Augustine D. Waymoth was a Fitchburg, MA, inventor and manufacturer of a very early form of what is called a "variety" woodworking lathe.

    2. Brief History

      Read a history of Fitchburg, as adopted from The Fitchburg Preservation Plan, written by by Frank Garretson in 1978.

    3. Historic Heywood Chair & Iver Johnson Complex

      In an Historic Inventory completed in the late 1990s, Turk, Tracy and Larry Architects found the Iver Johnson factory complex on River Street eligible for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places.

    4. History of Fitchburg City Hall

      The town hall was first constructed in 1853.

    5. Timeline Of Fitchburg's Machine Tool Shops

      Read a timeline of Fitchburg's machine tool shops in the Industrial Age.

  2. Civic Days

    Created in 1960 by Mayor George Bourque, Civic Days has grown to be one of the Cities oldest and longest running traditions celebrating Independence Day! Civic Days now features many activities including: the Annual 4th of July Parade, the Downtown Block Party and the Amazing Duck Race. Join us for a celebration that brings together our Community and all of North Central Massachusetts!

    1. Civic Days!

    2. About Civic Days

    3. Events

    4. Forms and Applications

    5. Donate

    6. Volunteer

    7. Contact Us

    8. Photo Gallery

      Here are some pictures from Civic Days 2016 Festivities! See you this year!

  3. Human Services

    The city is pleased to offer an array of leisure activities, recreation, sports, and community events!

    1. Public Library

      Since 1859 the Fitchburg Public Library connects with your world. No matter what country, culture, or environs you came from, we welcome you.

    2. Parks & Recreation

    3. Senior Center

  4. Residents

    We compiled resources for residents of Fitchburg.

    1. Education

      Easily find links to area schools.

    2. Elderly

      View services and programs we have for elderly in our community.

    3. Fun 'N FITchburg

      Fun ‘n FITchburg is a partnership of over 75 individuals taking a different approach to obesity.

    4. Safety & Crime Prevention

      The mission of the Fitchburg Police Department is to enhance the quality of life in the City of Fitchburg by developing strong partnerships with the community.

    5. Sewer Separation Project 4D

      A sewer and drain construction project will begin construction in October 2013 and continue through the summer of 2015.

    6. Transportation, Culture & Recreation

      We compiled a list of links so you can browse transportation options available in Fitchburg.

    7. Winter Emergency Information

      The City of Fitchburg works diligently to ensure that residents are safe from snow, ice and extreme weather.

  5. Visitors

    Get to know a little bit more about Fitchburg.

    1. Things To Do

      Check back with the Fitchburg Rocks site so you can join in the fun activities happening around the community.