License Commission

Regular Meetings

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Current Commissioners

  • Daniel Sarefield, Chairperson
  • Donna Pawlak
  • Linda M. Swears

Purpose & Responsibilities

Per Chapter 120 Article 1 of the City Code, the Licensing Board is responsible for the issuance and monitoring of licenses with respect to the sale of alcoholic beverages, subject to the provisions of General Laws Chapter 138.

They license the following companies:
  • Automatic amusement devices
  • Common victuallers
  • Lodging houses
  • Student housing in student housing overlay district Solicitors/canvassers
  • Taxi companies
  • Taxi vehicles and taxi drivers
  • Entertainment


The Licensing Board is comprised of 3 residents. Pursuant to General Laws Chapter 138, subject to the provisions of Chapter 120 of the City Code of the 3, one must be from each of the two leading political parties. Commissioners are appointed to serve a six year term by the Mayor, subject to approval by the City Council.
Serving Alcohol Outdoors
Thinking of serving alcohol outdoors? You must adhere to the following guidelines: