Planning Board

Regular Meetings

Agendas & Minutes

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An Abutter's Guide (PDF)

Current Commissioners

  • Paula Caron, Chair
  • Paul Fontaine, Jr., Vice Chair
  • Michael Hurley
  • John DiPasquale
  • Laura O'Kane
  • Andrew Van Hazinga
  • Peter Capodagli
  • Amanda Koeck (Associate Member)

Purpose & Responsibilities

  • General planning efforts to improve the physical environment of the City
  • Making recommendations to the City Council on proposed revisions to
    the Zoning Ordinance
  • Proposing zoning amendments
  • Reviewing zoning amendments
  • Reviewing plans and proposals under the Special Permit provisions of
    the Fitchburg Zoning Ordinance and Chapter 40A and 41 section 81A of
    the Massachusetts General Laws


Per General Law Chapter 41 section 81A and Chapter 3 Article 1 section 3 of the City Code, the Planning Board consists of 7 volunteer residents. Each volunteer is appointed for a five year term.

Additionally per the Fitchburg Zoning Ordnance (PDF) the board has two associate members. Volunteers are appointed by the Mayor, and subject to confirmation by the City Council.