Permitting Processes

The Department of Public Works Engineering has the following permit applications and will assist applicants in the processing of these as needed to the point of Permit Issuance. More detailed information is contained in the City Code – Chapters 147 and157. Please see attachments where applicable.

Online Permitting

Online permitting is now available for Trench Permits, Sewer Connection Permits, Street/Sidewalk Occupation Permits and Street Excavation Permits through ViewPoint Cloud. Please be sure to attach all required documents to your application.

A drafting table with multiple drafting tools sprawled over plans
Utility Site Plan Attachment "B-1"
The City of Fitchburg, DPW Engineering Division requires a utility site plan certified by a Registered Massachusetts Civil Engineer and/or Registered Massachusetts Land Surveyor for all proposed and existing buildings. Sewer connections requiring use of a pump system shall have a Registered Massachusetts Civil Engineer stamp. A utility site plan must be included with the building permit. Otherwise the building permit will be rejected.

The utility site plan must include all proposed and existing ties and elevations of the following:
  • Driveway location, grading and drainage systems
  • Grading plan (2 foot contours)
  • Building location and elevation (top of slab and top of sill)
  • Sewer service (size, location and elevation)
  • Drain (size, location and elevation)
  • Water service (size, location and elevation)
  • Property lines and street line
  • Street Elevations (grade, sewer, water and drain)