Purchasing Department

Beginning Tuesday, April 20,2021, City Hall will open to the public and will be accessible during regular business hours.

All visitors will be required to wear a mask at all times and observe all local, state, and federal Covid-19 guidelines.

  • SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR BID PACKAGE DELIVERIES: If a bid is to be dropped off in person, please go to the front doors of City Hall at 718 Main Street and enter the building, where a greeter will direct you to the Purchasing Office on the second floor. You are to report directly to the Purchasing Office, deliver your bid, and exit promptly via the front doors after checking out with the greeter. Please leave yourself ample time before the deadline time to check in with the greeter and deliver your bid, as there may be a queue at check-in. Bids arriving late or left in any outside receptacle will be rejected and returned unopened.

    All visitors to City Hall are required to wear a mask at all times on City property, and the mask must cover face and mouth. You are also required to observe physical distancing and abide by all local, state, and federal COVID-19 safety protocols.

  • SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS REGARDING BID OPENINGS: Bids will be opened on the date and at the time stated in the legal advertisement and will be available for public viewing via GoToMeeting. Prior to the published bid opening date and time, all plan holders will be provided with a link to access the GoToMeeting. Bids will be read aloud, and in most cases will include bid totals without line item details. Similar to in-person bid openings, participants will be allowed to inquire of the bidder name and address or any totals if those items are missed while being read. Results of the bid will be posted on the City website within 48 hours, unless the bid requires additional review prior to completion of the posting. Bid results will include bid totals as well as line item details where applicable.

    We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate this unprecedented event, and we are committed to continue providing transparency and efficient operations. Be safe and be well.


The Purchasing Department is a centralized agency supporting and providing assistance to all City personnel to acquire goods, services, and contracts necessary to conduct City business. The primary goal of the Purchasing Department is to assure that City Department requirements are met in a cost effective and timely manner, and to receive quality goods, services, materials, and labor, while obtaining maximum competition whenever possible.


Purchasing, under the supervision of the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) oversees all procurement activities and related contract preparation. The Procurement Team monitors compliance with applicable procurement laws, prepares and executes contracts and purchase orders, and maintains records of vendor performance.

The Purchasing Department also oversees the City Print Shop which is committed to producing quality printed materials, in a cost effective manner, for use of City personnel and departments, and for distribution to residents, taxpayers, businesses and visitors to the City.


The City views the relationships with its vendors, suppliers, and contractors as a business partnership where all parties are expected to coordinate and combine talents, ideas and actions in order to produce superior results for the citizens and taxpayers of the City of Fitchburg.


The Procurement Team strives for open and fair competition, while maintaining goodwill with those interested in doing business with the City. It is our mission to be as transparent as possible, and to do business in a manner that preserves the public trust and is in the best interest of our residents and taxpayers.



  • c.30B - Supplies and Services, Real Property, Surplus Equipment
  • c.30,39m - Public Works Construction
  • c.149 - Building Construction
  • c.7C, §§44-57 - Design Services


  • Less than $10,000 - Sound Business Practices
  • $10,000 to $50,000 - Formal Quote Process
  • $50,000 or more - Sealed Bid (IFB) or Proposal Process (RFP)

The City may opt to employ a more restrictive and competitive process when it feels such a process is in the City’s best interest.