Current Sewer Rates

Current Rate Minimum Monthly Charge Monthly 'Sewer Only' Charge
$11.11    (June 1, 2023)
Rate per 1ccf in excess of 3ccf
$28.70   (June 1, 2023)
Includes up to 3ccf
$92.56   (June 1, 2023)

Minimum Monthly Charge applies to all residences. All customers are billed the Minimum Monthly Charge as a flat rate for sewer usage of 0 to 3 CCF (1 CCF = 100 Cubic Feet or approximately 750 gallons). Use in excess of 3 CCF is billed at the current rate.

Monthly 'Sewer Only" Charges apply to residences whose water utility is supplied by a private well, but the properties waste is processed by the city's sewer system. In this event as their is no water meter in place the Wastewater Department bills the monthly "sewer only" charge.

This charge is based on the statistical average of 100 CCF (1 CCF = 100 Cubic Feet) of usage per year. This average is dived by the 12 annual billing periods to provide the monthly charge.

Sewer Only customers have the option of installing a water meter on the water well supply at the owners expense. This meter would read the water usage for a home and allow the Wastewater Department to bill for according to water used. This would only be recommended for residential properties which use less than 8.33 CCF per month.

  1. How to Calculate Your Bill
  2. Future Sewer Rates

Sewer is based on 100% of metered water consumption (if connected to city water). The bill is calculated in Units. A unit is 1 CCF or 100 Cubic Feet.

  • If your metered water usage is between 0-3 Units you are billed the minimum monthly charge.
  • For consumption over 3 units you are billed by the number of units used over 3units at the current rate.
  • If you are not connected to city water, and have not purchased a meter to calculate your well usage from the Fitchburg Water Division, then you are billed the monthly sewer charge

Example using the 2023 rates:

The last months reading was taken for water/sewer at 1253 and the current months reading was taken for 1258. Subtracting 1253 from 1258 you will get a current usage at 5 Units.

As 5 units is above the 3 unit minimum charge. 0-3 units are charged at the minimum rate of $28.70.  The 2 units used in excess of the 3 units is charged at the $11.11 for a charge of $22.22

Current sewer bill would be the sum of $28.70 and the excess of $22.22 for a total of $52.92.

Please be aware this example is using the rates from 2023. Each year the rates can go up or down. Please see the above section to verify the current rate per unit, the minimum monthly charge and the Monthly Sewer Only Charge. Please see the next tab for upcoming approved rate changes.