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Posted on: September 1, 2017

Hurricane Harvey - Local Efforts to Help Those in Need

The City of Fitchburg could not be more thankful for the several phone calls from residents who are willing to help with the affected persons in Texas! The City of Fitchburg's Emergency Management Director, Lt. Richard Liberatore, has been in close contact with Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency. At this time, the city has been directed to wait for further instructions on what particular items are needed, and exact locations those items need to be sent to. The city does intend to start collecting items soon, and will notify residents through the city's webpage and social media. Governor Baker sent the following message in regards to the situation on 8/31/17: 

Dear Fellow State Employees,

I’m guessing that like Karyn and I, you are watching events unfold in Texas with a feeling that you really want to do something to help. Here are some links to some places to which, if you choose, you can provide assistance and be assured it will get into the hands that need it most.

The Red Cross is deeply involved in Texas relief.

For other worthy organizations, visit the website of the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster. On this site there are links to both national charities and some based in Texas. All of them have been thoroughly vetted.

Finally, visit the state website of Texas. They, too have some links to charities they are recommending in their time of need:

We will be posting these links on our website:, which, if you are passing on to a friend, might make these links easier to remember. Please feel free to forward this letter as well.

It is also important for us all to remember that as the waters eventually recede, the need will become even more intense. Just because the pictures will no longer be on television, doesn’t mean they won’t still need our help.

I know I speak for all of us when I say our thoughts and prayers go to our fellow citizens in Texas during this unimaginable disaster.

Charlie Baker

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