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Bartley-Nolan / Salem Street Playground

This 2 acre park was completely renovated in 2002, and contains modern play structures with swings, a pavilion with picnic tables, an all-purpose play field, and a half court basket ball court. There is a walking path around the perimeter of the park. It is bounded by Beekman Street and Cliff Street, roughly three blocks west of Water Street. This Park is also known as the Michael J. DiConza Memorial Park.

Caldwell Park

This 3 acre park was renovated in 2003 and has a full court basketball court, large play structure for children with swings, and a small play field. It is located at the intersection of Main Street and Caldwell Street next to the Greek Orthodox Church. The park is also known as the Hellenic Memorial Park.

Coggshall Park

>>more information on rental of the Gazebo and Stone House

This large park, over 250 acres in size, is largely a passive recreation area. It was extensively renovated in 1990, and is cared for by the Friends of Coggshall Park. Its features include a gazebo on Mirror Lake, a stone house facing the lake, a playground, softball field, and plenty of parking and walking trails. Vehicular access is obtained from Electric Avenue next to the Knights of Columbus Hall, and at two locations off Mount Elam Road. The South Street entrance is closed to vehicle traffic.

Coolidge Park

Coolidge Park is probably the most extensively used park in the city, featuring five baseball/softball fields, a swimming pool with toddler water feature area, a perimeter walking path, several soccer fields, two street hockey rinks, a small play structure and a beach volleyball court. It is located at the intersection of John Fitch Highway and Pearl Street, adjacent to the Wallace Civic Center. There are two main parking areas. Parking for the soccer fields is available off John Fitch Highway. Parking for the swimming pool and adult softball fields is accessed from Pearl Street.

Crocker Field

Home of the Fitchburg Red Raiders Football and Track & Track and Field teams. Crocker Field is located at the Intersection of River Street and Broad Street.

Crocker Playground

Crocker Playground is a recently renovated neighborhood park located on Westminster Street at the intersection of Wachusett Street in west Fitchburg near Waites Corner. Crocker Park features the David M. Whitney basketball court, a modern playground structures, and perimeter walking path.

Daniels Park

Offers a refreshing open space in the center of Cleghorn. Benches are available. Daniels park is located at the intersection of Daniels Street and Fairmount Street.

Gateway Park

This new five-acre park is part of the planned Nashua River Greenway which will connect neighborhoods throughout the city to a vibrant and active riverfront. Gateway Park is located on the banks of the river and includes scenic views, walking paths, benches, a community garden, and picnic, play and public performance areas. Located at the intersection of Sheldon Street and Main Street.

Goodrich Playground

This 4 acre park is located at the corner of Goodrich Street and Boutelle Street, across the street from Goodrich Street School. The park contains a modern play structure, swing sets, a perimeter walking path and a softball field.

Green Corners Park

This neighborhood park is located mid-way between the Intermodal Train Station and Fitchburg State College between North Street and Willow Street. It has a modern play structure and full court basketball court.

Heritage Park

The Heritage Park, or "Flag Park as it is commonly known Sits at the intersection of Boulder and Main Street. The Park commemorates the many cultures and nationalities that make up our community. Attached to Heritage Park is the Fitchburg Police Memorial.

Howarth Park

This neighborhood park is bounded by Rollstone Street, Laurel Street and Walton Street. Its two and a half acres are divided between an upper level along Rollstone Street featuring a modern play structure with swings, and a lower level along Walton Street featuring a basketball court and small softball field.

Lowe Playground

This four acre park adjacent to B.F. Brown Middle School and the Fitchburg Art Museum is divided by Elm Street. A modern play structure with swings and horseshoe pits is located in the western portion of the par, and a softball field, basketball court and perimeter walking path is located in the eastern portion of the park. There is off-street parking available on the school side of the site.

Nikitas Field

Home to a football field, field house and a walking path connecting to Park Hill Park. Nikkitas Field is accessible on Causeway Street at the intersection with Rollstone Street and Franklin Road.

Sadie Quatrale Park/Playground

Dedicated on June 3rd, 2006, this small neighborhood park is located adjacent to the Fitchburg Green housing complex at the corner of Middle Street and John T. Centrino Memorial Drive, formerly known as Fifth Street, in the neighborhood historically known as the Patch. There is a small play structure for younger children with swings and benches for seating.

Monument Park

This historic park contains a memorial to Fitchburg’s fallen Civil War heroes. This historic park was completely renovated in 2004 and two of the canon that graced the park from its dedication in 1885 until the 1950s have been renovated by the Montachusett Area Rotary Club and are again on display. It is bounded by Main Street, Elm Street, Wallace Avenue and Hartwell Street in downtown Fitchburg, across from the Public Library and Registry of Deeds.

Moran Field

This 15 acre site in west Fitchburg is primarily undeveloped and forested. A former softball field near the entrance to the park off Ashburnham Street is now used as a soccer field by local soccer organizations.

Parkhill Park

This park is located in the Cleghorn neighborhood, and features a water spray park with bathhouse, a skateboard park, two play structures with swings, tennis courts, several “Babe Ruth” baseball fields, a basketball court, and a soccer-football field currently under development. It is bounded by Pratt Road, Beech Street, Franklin Road, and Causeway Street. Two parking areas are available, accessed off Pratt Road and Beech Street.

Phillips Playground

This neighborhood park at the corner of Westminster Hill Road and Phillips Street in west Fitchburg has a play structure with swings and basketball court.

Riverfront Park

It currently houses occasional concerts, outdoor movies and other events. Planned improvements include a stage with canopy.Currently the park is accessed by Commercial Street off of Boulder Drive. Parking is available at the nearby 400 Main Street parking deck.

South Fitch Playground

This park serves as the home of a little league baseball field. It is located at the intersection of Abbot Avenue and Water Street.

State Pool

Although not strictly speaking a Fitchburg Park, the State Pool provides swimming with a diving board and a toddler pool convenient to residents of the south side of Fitchburg. It is located off of Bemis Road opposite the intersection of Canton Street. Admission is free, and parking is available.

Upper Common

Fitchburg’s Upper Common offers a water fountain with several sculptures by Fitchburg native Herbert Adams, benches and a gazebo. Concerts are offered once a week at this location in the summertime. The park is located at the intersection of Main Street, Mechanic Street and Prospect Street near the Rollstone Boulder.

West Fitchburg Steamline Trail Park

*******The West Fitchburg Steamline Trail Park will be closed while the steam plant is under demolition. The trail will re-open Spring 2016********

This 4.15 acre park is located at 465 Westminster Street, and includes a parking lot and walking trail along the Nashua River and Flag Brook. This park is the first implementation of the City's plans to develop a network of trails along the Nashua River, connecting to trails in Leominster and Westminster.


Park Hours:

Current hours:

8:00am to 7:45pm

***The West Fitchburg Steamline Trail Park will be closed while the steam plant is under demolition. The trail will re-open Spring 2016***



Would you or your organization like to help take care of a park in the City of Fitchburg?


What YOU do!


1. Choose a park to adopt and complete the annual application including a hold harmless agreement (complete subsequent renewal application each additional year).

2. Designate one person to act as the contact between the sponsor group and the Recreation Department.

3. Organize/participate in a clean-up at the park at least once a month from April thru October each year and provide monthly updates to the Recreation Department and the DPW in a timely manner.

4. Check for and report suspicious activity, vandalism, broken equipment, dirty bathrooms, and any other unsafe conditions to the designated point people at Recreation

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